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Daily life in Living Waters village is an adventure. With creepy crawlies and long-distance car journeys there is always something going on. Here are a few of our favourite pictures of travel, village outreach trips and life in the jungle.


Afternoon fishing
Finding hidden treasures
Travelling into the jungle
Trips from Kuching
Flooded roads means using canoes
Slippery roads
Crossing rivers
Who's first down?!
Fun at the workshop
Praise the Lord!
Coming home with goods
Trip home
Slippery roads
53 hour trip!
Border crossings
God's miracle that no one hurt!
God's protection
Long way home
Visiting villages
Bumpy road
Visiting villages
A bit fishy?
Visiting villages
Visiting villages
Visiting villages
Bringing blessing
Collecting wood from the jungle
Didn't that used to be a road?
Visiting villages
Visiting villages
Jungle fun
Water fight!!
Jungle runs
1 just isn't enough
Coming home
Creepy crawlies
Fetching wood
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