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With almost 600 children in the village, as well as leaders, visitors, workers it's safe to say we have a fair number of birthdays to celebrate! We currently have a joint birthday party every two month to celebration all the children's birthdays. As well as other celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, and many more. We are very blessed that all the costumes and props you see in the photos have either been donated or given to the ministry that we can have these celebrations and birthday nights!Why not have a look through how we celebrate these occasions.

independence day
School opening
Our Busno & Mona's wedding
School opening
Independence day celebrations
Dayak festivals
Celebrating the 19th anniversary
Palm Sunday
Birthday nights!
Kids church
Ronny's 'twin brother'
Easter Sunday drama
Our 'down with the kids' Oma
Getting ready for an evening worship
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Scouts evening party
Mini Superman!
Easter drama
The LWV Rock band!
Christmas Lunch
New Years Eve Bonfire
Enjoying our Christmas meal
What is it?!
Everyone enjoying their icecreams
Ice cream!
Fun Fellowship!
Enjoying some chicken!
Great fellowship together
Our Susi
Carol Singing in the community
Being a light in the community
School Christmas Drama
Celebrating some birthdays!
Our Ibu Sari getting involved!
Dayak night!
Water Baptisms
Water Baptisms
Pastor Toher
Easter remembrance drama
Easter 2018
Easter Drama
Easter 2018
Rangan and Rina's Wedding
Ronny's 60th birthday
Ronny's 60th birthday
Ronny's 60th birthday
BBQ's at the river
River Baptism
Worshiping at the river
Water Baptisms
Water Baptisms
Christmas celebrations
New years meal
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