Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare?

Get in contact with our LWV Visitors Coordinator who will send you a list of things you need to do before you can come over to visit us. You can do this via our contact page, by requesting visitors information.

We will send you an information package including a list of things to prepare. There are some good check lists for what to bring to Asia which can be found online.

Can I bring any friends?

Yes, you can get a team of people together to do this Mission trip. But all of the team members need to do an individual application. Make sure one of the team will take the lead in communicating with our LWV visitors Coordinator to arrange for the whole teams preparations.

Where do I fly in to?

We recommend flying into Kuching International Airport (KCH). We have a guest house in Kuching where you will be able to rest and stay the night ready for the travel to the village the next day. If that is not an option you can discuss alternative routes with our Visitors Coordinator.

How long should I come for?

This is entirely up to you! Obviously to be able to truly get to experience the daily life at Living Waters it would be more beneficial to stay for a longer period of time. A usual amount of time spent by visitors is 3-4 weeks. This allows enough time to get into the system of things, spend time getting to know the children more personally and even learn a bit of the language! You can always decide to stay longer if you want.

Do I need to know the language?

Although not necessary we highly encourage anyone who is visiting LWV to learn some basics Indonesian words. A lot of the children can understand and speak some English but many are shy, so if you can use some of their language it definitely breaks the ice! Once your application process has been completed you will receive a document with basic Indonesian words which you can learn to prepare for your trip here.

How much money do I need to bring?

With the LWV accommodation, food and travel costs already paid for upfront the only money needed is for buying gifts for Granny Maggie and Uncle Frank. You will be staying in Kuching, Malaysia at the start of you're journey and so will need around 50 Malaysian Ringgit every day for food and then any extra money you desire for gifts. In Indonesia you will need IDR. Although all living costs are already paid you may want to buy gifts or snacks in the local town which we visit every Sunday. There are however, also ATM's in the town but still come with the transaction costs which vary with different bank suppliers.

Can I bring/use my phone/tablet?

You obviously are allowed to bring your phone but we don’t want any phone addiction displayed to our kids and youth, and encourage that you spend as much time with the kids as possible - Candy crush can wait! Please also remember to bring your HARD COPY Bible as it is not allowed to use phones in the service. WE DO NOT PROVIDE WIFI in the village but you are able to buy a sim card in the local town. You will need to warn people (Granny Maggie and Uncle Frank) also that the connection is not strong and sometimes none at all, so if your family don't hear from you for a while it may be due to that.

Can I bring my sponsors a present/money?

If you are planning to bring a gift for a specific person we ask you to keep it simple. Don’t buy any expensive toys, games, electronical devices etc. A book, t-shirt, football, school supplies etc will do just as good.

Who to fly with?

Again this is up to you. Prices and offers are continually changing and some make it a real challenge to find the best offer. But that takes some searching on the world wide web.

Does LWV have an instagram page?

Yes we do! To keep up with us more daily and see lots of photos and videos of things happening out here you can follow us on instagram at lwvdailylife.