Dayak Night

We celebrate our annual Dayak night every August. There are over 400 tribes in Borneo, and currently 64 different tribes in the village. It is truly a miracle that there are so many different tribes living together in harmony in the village, some of these same tribes which are in the village used to be at war with each other. Our Dayak night involves all members of individual tribes coming together to create a song and dance to perform. We encourage the children never to forget where they came from and who they are - Dayaks! To remember their (good) traditions which they hold and worship the Lord through them. All the outfits and stage/decorations you see in the photos are all made from the children and members of the village themselves. We open the night also to those from the surrounding village so they can also come and enjoy the evening as well as the fellowship we have together.

LWV Dayak Celebrations

Every year here in Living Waters Village we have a day of celebrations remembering all the good traditions of the Dayak culture. Blow-dart competitions, traditional dance and music worshiping Jesus! Check out the video of our 'Gawai' here!

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