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Australia/New Zealand

Book – Miracle zone


“Miracle zone” in the jungles of Borneo

By Ronny Heyboer and Donald Sheley:

'"Miracle zone" in the jungles of Borneo' is also available in Dutch and Chinese upon request.

Crawling under the thick jungle undergrowth, I had to cross a small stream before reaching the village. Then I spotted a White Man bathing in the crystal clear water running down from the mountains. He offered me his hand – I don’t know why, but I felt perhaps I could trust this man; he might be different, he might even care…

From this moment onwards, the life of Ezra, a starving six year old Dayak boy from the jungles of Borneo changed dramatically. He was taken to the home of the White Man where he received love, medical care, good food and education. More importantly he came to know God, who changed his life for eternity.

Ronny Heyboer spent the first periods of his life in Australia and Holland. Then God called him and his wife Kay to share the love and salvation of Jesus Christ to the tribal people in the jungles of Borneo. His life has become an ongoing process of following and trusting in the Lord who gave him the commission of building a village in the middle of the jungle for 1,000 deprived children and schools for 2,000 children.

With a lot of humour he writes about his life and ministry. But be aware! While reading this book you will be challenged to take God’s call seriously; to be involved in taking up God’s work in the world around you. God wants you to be involved in His work.

I believe that in this world we need to think less about looking after ourselves and more about how we can reach out to others. To those who are in need of a touch from the One who made us and understands us better than we could ever understand ourselves.

Australia & New Zealand


For Australians & New Zealanders wanting to purchase the book “Miracle Zone in the Jungles of Borneo” can do so by emailing Kay Heyboer

For Australians the cost of one book is $20 AUD plus $5 postage and packaging.

Please ask Kay the price for postage and packaging for more books.

Methods of payment:

Option- 1: Cheques

Please make payable to “cheques Living Waters Borneo”. Please include a note saying it’s for “Book- Miracle Zone”.

Send to: Living Waters Borneo, C/- Calvary Christian Church, P.O. Box 420, Aitkenvale, QLD 4814 Australia

Option – 2: EFT transfer:

To make an EFT transfer use:

Account Name:      Living Waters Borneo, BSB: 084-970,

Account Number:   476-712-847

Reference:             Your Name + “Book Miracle Zone”


For New Zealanders the cost of one book is $20 NZD plus $12 NZD for postage and packaging.

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