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In early 2018 the ministry found out about a young girl named Erly who was thought to have a tumour in her mouth. She was living in a village with her mother and father, and with no money to afford medication or treatment she was left to continue living in the condition she was in. Wherever Erly went she was used to people staring at her, being isolated because people wouldn’t want to make friendships with her, not really being able to speak to people or communicate with others. When the ministry found out about her something had to be done. so, trusting God for His providence consultations and plans started to be made.


On the 3rd of November, after a number of consultations and with her condition worsened, our Erly finally received her long awaited operation, which she was not looking forward to, She had a bone and skin graft. The operation took 9 hours- they took a piece bone from Erly's left leg and skin from her upper leg and grafted it into her mouth. The surgeons and nursing staff looked rather exhausted by the time they finished. Erly stayed in the ICU overnight and the next day the surgeons discovered that the skin graft had failed. Hence she underwent another skin graft operation that day which took another 8 hours. Unfortunately this one has also failed. That day she was in a lot of pain even though she received a heavy dose of painkillers and her screams could be heard from a long way away. It's at times like this that you wish you could take her place. The next day she underwent another emergency operation which was supposed to take only a few hours but again it took around 7 hours. This one however was successful, praise the Lord, and Erly started to quickly recover. It's still going to be a long process for a full recovery but she is on the way. We are so grateful to the specialists, surgeons and nursing staff who have done a marvellous job. For them it also was a nerve wrecking experience, when their efforts to help and heal someone doesn't go according to plan. What a joy when it finally does work out. How good is our God. 

Erly is now living in Living Water Village. She is loving life. Having lots of friends, enjoying living in her family home, and excelling in school. Praise God. She loves the Lord and has an amazing testimony of God's hand upon her life. We can't wait to see what God has planned for her in the future.

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