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We are always having new children enter the village through out the year, but the main intake happens at the start of the new school year. This last year alone we have had around 70 new children come into the village, all of which have settled in well and made lots of new friends. Here are some pictures of this last year's new children for the village, the majority of which will be entering school this coming summer. Children can come in at all ages, whether they've not yet gone to school or already finished or even half way through. They are welcomed here at Living Waters as family and embraced for who they are.

First Years

Our new TC kids
Feeding the pigs
Our Four Musketeers
Some of our new girls
Kitchen team
Having fun coloring
Our Apri and Harun
Our Alan
Our Riski
New TC kids
Our Wili
Our Agung
Our Ferdi
Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
New TC boys
Cutting the grass
Having fun!
Tidying the roads
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