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Mandis was a young 7 year old boy when Ronny found him in the jungle. Belonging to the Matee tribe and living in the village Koli. When he was found he was suffering for severe malnutrition, much like other children in these rural conditions. 


When he arrived in the village he was then taken to the local hospital nearest to LWV. After a number of test it was clear that his kidneys were not functioning properly as they should be due to the long duration of severe malnutrition. The doctor prescribed mediation and it was decided that in no way he could return to his village of Koli due to the need of a new strict diet. Thinking that it was under control, Mandis started to settle in and make new friends in LWV. But after a few months his condition continued to get worse, a passport was made and he was taken to Kuching to see a kidney specialist. 


Mandis was taking into the hospital and tests where taken from him, without the proper equipment to analyse the samples they were sent out to Kuala Lumpur. The doctor gave medication for Mandis for the time being and shared that although serious it wasn’t going to be life threatening. After a few weeks, the phone rang and the doctor was calling Ronny and Mandis to come back. Mandis’ condition was a lot worse than the doctor initially thought it was. He may have 6 months to a year left before he would need dialysis or a new kidney transplant. Neither of these two options were possible in the rural area where LWV is. Dr. Wong gave some more medication and said he and his church would pray for a Mandis and left them with “what he needs is a miracle”. Although discouraged, that is exactly what our God does, He is a miracle worker. Ronny, Mandis and everyone in the ministry all knew and believed that. 


Over the next few years Mandis was kept to his medication, a strict diet and prayer over him. His health fluctuated and he continued to have several checkups with Doctor Wong over the years. It was already a miracle that he was still alive. It wasn’t long after that Ronny came back from a ministry trip in Holland, and he noticed just how well Mandis looked. He said “Son, you look so good. You look as if you have been healed”. His response was “Dad, I feel wonderful! I have never felt so good in my life!”  They rejoiced, praising God for this healing and health which had been renewed in Mandis. 


After that Ronny headed back to his office to catch up on some of his mail that had built up in his absence. One was from a lady who lived in Benalla, Australia. Ever since she had read about Mandis in the ministry newsletter she had been praying for him every day. She wrote that a visiting pastor had recently come to her church who had a healing ministry. She continued her story telling how when he had finished bringing the word of God, he invited the sick to come forward for prayer, but also that if anyone knew of someone who is ill and not present to come forward on behalf of that person. She wrote, ‘I immediately decided to go forward on behalf of Mandis’ , ‘as this man put his hand on my head and started praying for Mandis, it was as if a lightning bolt went through me, and I just knew that Mandis was healed. And so I just wanted to ask, how is Mandis?’ Ronny couldn’t believe what he was reading, tears began to flow from his eyes. Just a few hours before he was saying how good Mandis was looking. 


He replied to her letter, reporting how God had healed Mandis and how well he was looking and living with the Lord. He was healed. The next few medical exams just proved what everyone already knew. Mandis was healed, his kidneys were functioning perfectly normal. Praise God!


Mandis is still living in LWV. He had finished his high school and is leading a team of painters in the village as well as other responsibilities. His two younger brothers also live in the village and are all enjoying their life together. Recognizing how God’s hand was over him the whole time, and that he is only alive today because of Him. How good is God!

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