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"My time in LWV was life changing. Meeting God in a whole new way and being able to see the kids enjoy life and grow up with the joy of the Lord was so amazing."



LWV- The Vision Coming To Life

Set in the heart of the West Kalimantan Jungle, Living Waters Village has not only grown to be a home for over 700 Dayak children but a family too. With a vision to provide accommodation for 1,000 neglected children and school for 2,000, Living Waters Village is truly a Miracle Zone. 

           We have over 300 hectares of land on our property (that's over 700-800 acres!), which is set in the midst of the dense jungle. With God's hand and providence, we now have finished various buildings and others which are still planned and in process. Homes for girls and boys, various Asrama's (homes with about 10 - 35 children in all ages together with house elders), workers’ and teachers’ accommodation, training centre, Praise & Worship centre, clinic, bakery, administration building, a nursery for the babies, visitor's quarters, sewing rooms, Primary school, Senior High/High School. God is truly at work and alive here at Living Waters.

           Each child in Living Waters Village can grow, not only physically but also fed and trained spiritually. Every child which God sends to Living Waters Village is equipped so that they are able to return to their villages later, as well as other villages that are still unreachable, to bring the good news of Jesus to those who are still lost. They can be testimonies of God's love, share of miracles, the love which they've received and how this same love is for others to receive also. We don't just have children growing up here but we have future teachers, future Pastors, future Politicians and even future Presidents!

Living Waters Village

Living Waters Village

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"We don't just have children here in Living Waters Village. We truly believe that here we have children which are growing to be future teachers, future Pastors, future Politicians, even future Presidents!"

      So, How Did It Actually Start?

 It all started many years ago when Ronny and Kay Heyboer left their home in Australia and followed God's calling to Borneo in 1995. With no money, few belongings and many people against the idea of their move they were completely trusting in the Lord and his plan. Beginning their work in the city of Kuching, East Malaysia on the Island of Borneo where Ronny was assisting the planting of churches in a local ministry.

           Later in 1997 they found themselves relocating to the Indonesia part of Borneo, all the way to West Kalimantan, where they continue to minister today. In 2002 they moved to the city of Sintang, where they bought a large plot of land further into the jungle where they saw God's vision taking place for these neglected children to have a home. Through being obedient and trusting in the Lord fully He has been able to use them mightily and help them overcome all the obstacles that came their way. All of which prepared them to be able to do the amazing task which God has given them.

Click the link below to read more about how Ronny and Kay came to the jungles of Borneo and how God used them as they were obedient to Him.